Five-minute walk from Kagoshima Chuo Station

  • Location that boasts good access
  • Convenient as it’s close to major tourist spots in Kagoshima
  • Relax in kakenagashi (hot water directly flowing from the source without circulation) natural hot springs
  • Ideal for both business and sightseeing!

At Silk Inn Kagoshima, which offers convenience for sightseeing in Kagoshima and the pleasure of natural hot springs, you can fully enjoy your day.

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You can enjoy the kakenagashi (hot water directly flowing from the source without circulation) natural hot springs
A hotel in Kagoshima

A hotel located in Kagoshima, famous for its magnificent Sakurajima. Kagoshima is also renowned as a destination for hot springs, and our hotel is the sole budget hotel that boasts natural hot springs that flow directly from the source without

circulation (kakenagashi) among others in urban districts in Kagoshima.
With kakenagashi natural hot springs that are also popular as warm water for beautiful skin at Silk Inn Kagoshima, we hope you will spend a relaxing day and relieve the fatigue of travel.

how to enjoy onsen

A virtual tour of the hotel

A virtual tour of the hotel

A virtual tour of the hotel

You can use Google Indoor View to experience the interior and facilities of Silk Inn Kagoshima.

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Guest rooms
High grade floor / Executive suite

Design exclusive for this room that offers a scenic view of Sakurajima of Kagoshima.
Spacious room with 47m2

Special room for those guests who would like to spend a more luxurious time than usual for an important anniversary

Equipped with IC card security at the entrance. You can enjoy the time at the hotel with peace of mind and a sense of security.

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Virtual experience of guest rooms

High grade floor / Executive suite
High grade floor / Executive suiteHigh grade floor / Executive suiteHigh grade floor / Executive suiteHigh grade floor / Executive suite

[Main facilities]
Wireless LAN/Wired LAN/VOD/Air purifier with humidifying function/MC/UB/Bath separate from toilet



Silk Inn Kagoshima offers rooms and services where the staff pays particular attention to every detail, which will help you feel relaxed and comfortable, while the facility serves as a convenient budget hotel located in an urban area. With the concept of “slow life,” the atmosphere of Asian taste as a basic tone that makes you feel you are staying at a spa resort is quite popular among our guests.

What we focus on is the floor where the natural hot springs are situated. You can enjoy kakenagashi natural hot springs at no other budget hotel around Kagoshima Chuo Station except ours. Any plans for accommodation include hot spring bathing, which help you wash away the fatigue of travel or refresh yourself after business. Please enjoy the sense of openness that you can enjoy nowhere but in the large baths. The pH level is an 8.2 hydrogen-ion concentration, which is gentle and good for beautiful skin. Some guests even say they don’t need lotion. During your stay at the hotel, you can also enjoy superlative beauty salon all-hand treatments and massages. A relaxation room is available as well for relaxing after bathing.

One of the reasons why our guests choose our hotel for business or sightseeing is the ample warm bath facilities while enjoying the services of the hotel. A rare room is also offered that has both a western-style room and tatami space with a panoramic view of Sakurajima on the high grade floor.

Surprisingly, only a five-minute walk from Kagoshima Chuo Station

Please choose Silk Inn Kagoshima for your next stay in Kagoshima! You can enjoy kakenagashi natural hot springs, and it is also close to the station. Convenient for both business and sightseeing.



Trip Advisoar: Awarded for 4 consecutive years Certificate of Excellence 2017Trip Advisoar: Travelers choice Awards Winner Guest Review Awards 2016



About a five-minute walk from Kagoshima Chuo Station/240 m

Major lines: Kyushu Shinkansen/Kagoshima Honsen/Nippo Honsen/Ibusuki Makurazaki Sen


About 55 minutes by bus from Kagoshima Airport

Get off at the Kagoshima Chuo Terminal Building and about one minute walk

Major lines: Kagoshima Airport Limousine bus/Nangoku Kotsu Bus


About 10 minutes by car from Kagoshima Exit

Major routes: Kyushu Expressway/Minami Kyushu Expressway/Ibusuki Sky Line


The use of parking lots of the hotel
Eleven vehicles within our site and 21 at Silk Inn First coin-operated parking. JPY 500 per night

For guests using the First parking lot of the hotel
Please present the issued parking ticket to the hotel reception desk. A discount card will be issued.


19-30 Uenosono-cho, Kagoshima-shi, 890-0052
TEL 099-258-1221